Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh, what a surprise, the misplaced cultural abruptness continues in Germany. Wait, no it doesn't involve sex and therefore a middle aged frau rolling around in human feces wearing only traditional embroidered apron garb.

Following on from yesterday's German show parent outburst, which could have just as easily happened in the United States, let's be fair, a man evidently became mildly unnerved in Sonneberg, Germany and, in anticipation of his pending divorce he simply and calmly chainsawed his house in half, picked up his half on a truck and moved it to his best friend's house.
Of course, the problem is that the house how has a gaping hole in both sides rendering further use of it unlikely. So, he really shot himself in the foot there, didn't he.
It really teaches you not to be so passive aggressive and to think before you act. [source]

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