Thursday, March 15, 2007

Celebrity Madness

What a surprise! Multi-millionaire tyrant homemaking icon Martha Stewart is an insecure bully. She didn’t like the pictures sketched of her while in court so she publicly ridiculed the artist and insulted her abilities in front of an audience. Classy. [source]

Angelina Jolie has picked up her new Vietnamese adopted son, Pax Thien Jolie. All intolerance for self absorbed, delusional reluctant whore celebrities aside, Angelina Jolie is actually a class act. [source]

Rumours about Arnold Schwarzeneggar running for congress circulate and is anyone really surprised? Actually, what would be really astounding is if Stephen Sodderberg did a follow up to K Street but this time, with Schwarzeneggar and the Kennedys. THAT would be fascinating. Because after all, how many likeable Republicans are there out there at the moment….on really any level. Give the public a movie star – that’s what they want anyway. [source]

Regis Philbin has farily common heart surgery and doesn’t die. Unless something goes wrong, this story is a poor substitute for the Anna Nicole saga which it seemed ET and the Insider might have been considering it for once the corpse was stuck in the ground as they reported on it with relentless, irony free suspense. [source]

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