Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ok so, wow.

That dependable old image of the quintessential computer nerd being a chip eating frightened little child in an awkward, fat, pasty adult (male) body hell bent on (virtually) taking over the world because he was beat up for being socially incapable and unable to catch a ball in high school is now apparently as archaic as the Super Mario Brothers.

At least, that’s what Calvin Klein is saying with their new, painfully market researched attempt to court notoriously self involved hipsters in their twenties who live their lives online. What better way to tap into a new market of physically social phobic kids who have the attention span of insects than by saying they’re hot and that therefore they should buy a fragrance.

Why on earth do the newly hot computer nerds, who are - according to CK - now apparently everyone between the ages of 13 and 26 need a 50 dollar bottle of heavily packaged perfumed alcohol? Surely they need a high quality vitamin D supplement, vision insurance, a therapist, adderal and a city sponsored yoga class first. Oh, what the hell, lay on the fragrance, it can go up on the shelf next to the guarana infused lube and a box of ironic, Japanese inspired breakfast cereal.


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