Thursday, March 08, 2007

Show parents who live through their kids to the extent that they nearly or actually do kill them if they fail to be perfect aren't just an American phenomenon.

A German man, upon witnessing an 8 year old kid get a foul in a soccer game, raced out into the field of a kid's soccer match and karate kicked a kid in the head and the jumped on top of him.

Police stopped the man and everything so, the violence ended.

The thing is, how on earth is the kid going to learn, the way American kids do, that failure isn't an option? And that's a lesson they must learn. Failure's not an option because they're not just playing for fun; they're playing for the adult on the sideline's sense of self worth. Those adults need a chance too.

They need a chance, once in a while, to feel like they really became that towering monolith of masculinity they used to watch on TV and in really secret moments, fantasise about marrying, instead of the emasculated middle management insurance salesman they really became. They get that chance, little Billy - or in this case, probably...what? Adolf. Little Adolf.

You can't let the adults down like that, Adolf, or they get very upset.
The surprising part about this story is that the man who attacked the kid didn't immediately attempt to defacate on him - what with them being in Germany and all. That would have brought a whole sexual element to the scenario that is best left to consenting adults though. Which could easily be everyone in Germany.

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Christ Ina said...

defecating or even better- SEASONING the child in preparation for cooking and eating it.