Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Celebrity Madness

In addition to Entertainment Tonight drawing sensational and fluff packed chloral hydrate based comparisons between Anna Nicole Smith’s death and Marilyn Monroe’s death that they claim are eerie, it is revealed that Anna Nicole was just DYING to play Marilyn Monroe on the big screen. So desperate, it seems, that she offered to bank roll the entire thing. The producers more or less considered her a multi faceted liability and didn’t give her the role. [source]

Upping the ante – presumably because as the weeks go by, he needs more and more of a distraction from the fact that he is essentially talentless – Sanjaya Malakar is STILL on American Idol. This time his hair is up in an exaggerated faux hawk style constructed of several smaller pony tails and that appears to be enough for the voting American public. That’s all they want. Hair. [source]

If there was any doubt that what drives the majority of hype is the most basic, hetero male sexual response then the totally and utterly anti-climactic kiss between Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on Dirt removed it. But, regardless of everything, the fact remains; if two women kiss – the entire world stops what its doing and stares. [source]

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