Monday, March 05, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Fed up, no doubt, with wriggling around on the ground in her own rapidly fading celebrity filth, squealing in attention (and probably sex ) starved angst with her gayer than hell freeloading husband, Star Jones is so frustrated with not being the center of attention, she's signed on to star in Law and Order: SVU. Because, she's a lawyer, just in case you forgot. This is what you do when you're a lawyer.

While Michael Jackson is more or less considered a grotesquely disfigured paederast with a delusional god-complex in the USA, in Japan he's still a god which is why the Japanese are happy to shill out $3500 to see him in person.

While she's busy stablilising in rehab, Britney Spears - unable to fill the void and adequately avoid herself through drugs. alcohol or sex - has turned to maniacally buying crap online. Just incidentally, it's lucky her collosal bank account can easily absorb the absent minded dropping of 3000 bucks because if it couldn't the there's no doubt at all that the idiot obese midwest housewife contingent would pipe up and start shrieking about the children. If one thing's for certain, there's nothing more irritating than that. In fact, if there is - it should be used as a weapon.

The predictably desperate Andy Dick "accidentally" says the word "nigger" on camera and then "regrets it". Wow. Edgy. Put him on the free entry list...

Despite being a petulant homophobe bully, no sooner than he emerged from "rehab", Isaiah Washington is honored with an award for his work on Grey's Anatomy by the NAACP. Because, it's good that he exists on screen for black people to look to. The fact that he's a discriminative asshole in ways that don't differ in any real way from blatant racism isn't such a big deal . He's all about visibility for black people and that's way more important.

David Beckham injures his knee and may not be able to play for two months. Two months at home with his skeletal control freak, money pit chav of a wife. That'll speed up the recovery in no time. I don't actually really care so much about the sporting implications of this story, it's more that it's an opportunity to simply post photos like the ones below

There's this:

And this:

Just in case you forgot about his knee, here's another:

And to reinforce:

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