Thursday, March 29, 2007

Celebrity Madness

In an astonishing and rare display of unguarded playfulness, Karl Rove, Bush’s real brain, lets it all hang out at the Radio & Television Correspondent's Association dinner in Washington DC as he raps on stage indicating that he may in fact have a soul. Soul or not, it’s fundamentally weirder when Republicans try and have light hearted fun than when Democrats do. There’s something about the idea of suddenly expecting to be seen as capable of laughing at your own performative lack of dignity that Republicans just seem less capable of. One minute they’re aligning themselves with simple unironic morality, absolute truth and divine honor and the next they’re rapping? It’s not impossible but it’s slightly odd-er. Kind of like those awkward Christian evangelist surfers. Oh, THOSE people need to be stopped at all costs. [source]

Expert toxicologists are theorizing with Fox News that Anna Nicole died due to her massive consumption of caffeine. The theory goes that she drank so much soda that it interacted with her cipro antibiotics. Then, while incoherent due to insomnia, she overdosed on chloral hydrate. There were so many other drugs in her system at the same time as those too – charmingly enough- the article notes that there was methadone in Smith’s bile which really brings back into focus the actual smoke and mirrors reality that was Anna Nicole Smith. Sure she appeared drugged and woozy on ET but who knew she was covered in abscesses, scars and that there was methadone in her bile. Also, what celebrity dies and then has their bile talked about? [source] runs the story that Leonardo DiCaprio was seen looking at a Hustler magazine and provides this footage with the story as the basis when in actual fact there is no footage of the magazine he was reading. He was reading a magazine NEAR a Hustler but nothing shows him actually looking at it. What kind of story is this? Leo may have read Hustler? Ok, sure. Why not? What else is there? [source]

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