Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Hooters is set to open in Israel this summer with restaurants changing their menus to be kosher so as not to offend locals. Additionally, no restaurants will be put within perceptive distance of a religious building. If ever there was a cultural meshing that emphasised just how utterly arbitrary all religious and cultural customs really are it is the bringing together of Hooters and Israel. You have a restaurant that focuses on a gluttonous combination of hetero male fantasy objects including breasts on subservient women whose desperation to be an actor/singer/model/dancer outweighs their need to put more clothes on, any kind of charred beast you can think of, high cholesterol blue cheese dressing and beer AND the strict kosher sensibilities of the residents of the Holy Land. Because as long as there’s no pork on the menu – it’s all smooth sailing. [source]

One of the more immediate and pressing issues facing television networks in the Philipines at the moment is the stark lack of weathermen with talent for actually being able to project the weather. Apparently the pay is better for weathermen overseas. Who knew? [source]

After visiting a fortune teller who told him the source of his wife’s bad luck was his very cheekbones (what a waste of money – anyone could have figured that out themselves) a man in China ungoes plastic surgery to have them altered in order to improve the quality of his wife’s life. He hopes that by altering his facial structure she will stop faling down stairs. At the base of it, this is a really romantic gesture even if it is crippled with superstitious delusion. [source]

McDonalds is eager, once again, to try and re-define the colloquial meaning behind the term “McJob”. Most people know the word “McJob” to mean a pointless, futureless, soul destroying job with low pay that requires very little brain capacity with the added bonus for US residents of a conscious acknowledgment that if you have a McJob you are probably contributing to the obesity epidemic in the US. McDonalds doesn't like that. No effort has been made by McDonalds, however, to try and redefine the McMansion, however, which appears to point out a gross indifference from McDonalds toward the aesthetic poisoning of suburbia everywhere. [source]

A thirteen year old girl from Utah wins $2500 for having the stinkiest pair of sneakers in a promotional competition run by a company that won’t be mentioned because it would be vulgar. Suffice to say, young Katharin Tuck was no doubt thrilled although it’s odd that a Utah girl who probably has 4 mothers would end up not being made to wash her feet or, indeed, air out her shoes. Isn’t anyone in her household paying attention? Better add someone with attention to detail to the harem. [source]

If you’re going to run as scam, it seems, at least for a short while – China is definitely the place to do it because while China has been really cracking down on scams like the people who were selling plots of land on the moon from yesterday and this one today – about two guys who were running a scam eye surgeon business – you appear to be able to get away with it for a while no matter how ludicrous you are. [source]

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