Friday, March 16, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Four animated young Germans are under investigation for breaking into a farm and assaulting several sheep, including spray painting swastikas on some of them – a crime punishable by prison time in Germany. [source]

In a crazy caper that bears similarity to something out of a wartime silent film, a group of prisoners being held in an Iraq prison traded clothes with some visitors and broke out of jail. [source]

Just when she thought the crippling horror that had consumed her life was over, Jennifer Mees hiccups started again. She had them non-stop for 3 weeks and then they stopped suddenly one day in late February. They picked up where the left off this week again though. [source]

Belly-dancer Julia “Cleopatra” Meyer awoke from uneasy anaesthetic in a hospital bed in Germany to find that while she was under the impression she was only getting surgery to reduce the fat in her hips, the doctors had, in fact, completely removed her left buttock. She won a whole lot of money this week in compensation for half her livelihood being removed. Can't they just put it back?[source]

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