Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Fresh from his recent embarrassing Hepatitis infected round of functions in LA – the ones where he refused to name which parties had contained infected appetizers – Wolfgang Puck is interested in everyone’s well being again. This time, he’s making a concerted effort to only serve food that hasn’t died a cripplingly painful death – which sadly means no foie gras – even though studies have found that not all foie gras is the result of animal torture. Regardless, is it really meaningful to express a sincere regard for the well being of the animals you cut up and bake but to decide not to wholeheartedly apologise and own up to the Hepatitis scare that was inflicted on actual people? [source]

Fresh from his recent dolphin saving triumph a few months ago in China where he was called upon to reach his ginormously long arms deep into the gullet of a couple of dolphins who had mistakenly eaten plastic and were on the verge of death - Bao Xishun the world’s tallest man marries a woman who is more than two feet shorter than he is. [source]

North Dakota residents who apparently have nothing else to do – wait, as if that’s any kind of bizarre discovery – have all banded together to create the world’s largest snow angel and they’ve done it. The Guinness Book of Records has made it official now that more than 8000 people got together laid down in the snow and moved a bit.[source]


Prankst said...

Wow! These posts are 66% fresh! Are you following the Puckwit's lead?

Matt said...

How DARE you question their freshness! I've keep these posts well refrigerated and they're packed with preservatives.

Chad said...

And no artificial dyes or flavors