Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marjan Pejoski, the designer who managed to flawlessly merge two cultural entities when he dressed Bjork for the 2001 Academy Awards; namely Bjork herself and a pregnant goose that laid an egg so to speak on the red carpet is back . This time it’s with high heels (meels) and leggings (maleggings) for men.

Seeing as the majority of men are heterosexual how is he marketing these sensational new concepts to men? Well, the professional images circulating on the Internet (like the one to the left) have a gaunt, androgynous male model in the maleggings and meels standing legs akimbo. That’s more or less all we have to go on so far besides a few editorial mentions on blogs and at this point Pejoski's marketing team are completely off the mark.

First up, these designs are stunning - let's get that out and move on. They're beautiful. Ok, great done.
NOW - appears that the main design and aesthetic elements that are meant to target males are ones that relate to fashion that hasn’t resonated since 16th Century and then later by the French which is fine. Where this campaign falls however, is in the fact that the shoes themselves are being worn by a male styled so femininely that he retains only enough “male” to merely technically be considered “male” when it comes to vital statistics. The model really beams out far more femininity than masculinity.

And you know what, that's great. If you’re a male who wants to dress like a French courtier or you’d like to rinse away indications of your own masculinity then, buying these meels seems like the way to go.

But, is putting men who look like women into high heels really blending the notion of MEN and HEELS together? Isn’t it far more accurate to describe that as blending femininity into men and then putting that into a pair of heels – which is certainly not new, hell, it’s the premise for a theme restaurant in the East Village.

When the Met had its exhibition of men in skirts, the models were al alpha males in skirts which was a cultural merging that was really astounding and translated. Marjan needs to get the twink out of the heels and throw in a tall lean, alpha muscle Iowa farm boy instead. That would be interesting. The way it is, this image is no more progressive than Happy Valley used to be on Tuesday night. [source] I got the accompanying image from www.bryanboy.com and the photo credit goes to Marjan Pejoski


ewen said...

i cant wait to see the abercrombie and fitch version of "maleggings".

Kim Mer said...

androgynous male model is on the runway these days..:)
I remember exactly björk dressed with that swan hangin in her neck like ambelical chord.