Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Well well well...

Imagine, if you will:


in Germany (that's German people)

going to great lengths

to ensure that fecal matter

is as conspicuous as humanly possible





Well, there's no need to imagine at all because, and we'll take this one step at a time in case you hadn't gotten some inkling that Germans were this way inclined prior to this particularly incident, a young German lad had been arrested for repeatedly returning to one particular ATM in the town of Eggmuehl, Germany so that he could defecate infront of it.

Who knows whether the Germans going about their daily ATM related business who came across the deposit were nauseated or secretly delighted (how secret do you really have to be about the fact that you experience delight as a result of feces when you're German, honestly?) regardless, the bank had to put a stop to it - probably due to outside international pressure.

How did they do it? Well, the security camera caught the young fecophiliac on video and security nabbed him. No news about whether or not he was mid-defecate when they caught him although we can probably put money on the fact that the security video is currently being uploaded on youtube.com and shared as porn through limewire in Germany right now.

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