Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Maybe it is the fact that she sees her future physical self as the live human version of that muppet named Janice laid out before her in her mother, Donatella Versace, or maybe it is just because she’s young and rich and is endlessly surrounded by professionally thin and beautiful people so she was always destined to fill time by not eating. Whatever the reasons are, Allegra Versace is really anorexic. She is actually in hospital though, not rehab so she gets originality points there and also authenticity points too. Kudos to her. Hope you can finally get over it, eat something and put on some weight, kid. Cause you’re aaalllright. [source]

Someone, it seems, is a little overworked in the Britney camp but, when you think about it, are we surprised? Britney’s bodyguard gets carried away and pulls a handgun, aiming it at a photographer who is sitting in a car waiting to take shots of her. He then pulls the guy out of his car and handcuffs him. Because, in case we forget, it’s not acceptable to take photos of a young pop star who is more famous than God who recently had a complete breakdown, disappeared and who only recently emerged from seclusion. What is acceptable and reasonable is the fact that a security guard can act like a law enforcement officer. Who knew they had handcuffs? [source]

Heading off her recently released convict father from edging his way into her entourage before his ascent/descent even begins, Lindsay Lohan warns her father from coming near her or the sister. Because when it comes to freeloading parents who act like irresponsible children, Li Lo only has room in her life for her mother. [source]

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ewen said...

A security gaurd cuffing a paparazzo? sounds like flirting to me. That britters sure is good at picking the men in her life, maybe she and LiLo should talk...