Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Jennifer Hudson’s ego is inflating still but, the flip side of her egotistical outburst is that as a result of her sarcastic offer to thank Burger King while mid-verbal scuffle with Simon Cowell, she can now work towards a cheaply rotunned figure with ease because Burger King has given her a free pass to eat their food for life. Standby for an off the cuff remark about Tiffany Diamonds in her next high profile rant. [source]

The original Buffy the Vampire slayer is slated to play Anna Nicole in the telemovie about her death which, let’s guess randomly here, is scheduled for emergency release in ten days time thanks to funding that can be traced back to the producers of Entertainment Tonight. Actually, Regis Filbin’s bypass seems to be the rebound topic for ET and the Insider now – they’re bouncing off the increasingly fruitless Anna Nicole story (“here’s what happens in a morgue behind closed doors!”) and relentlessly covering old Regis’ heart surgery. [source]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are soon to bring home another kid except this one is in Jolie’s name only – well, we are drawing ever closer to the tax deadline of April 14 so maybe that explains it. Anything but the explanation that they’re drifting apart. There would be nothing sadder than the prospect of diluting that DNA combination even if they only have one kid.[source]

- Leonardo di Caprio causes a riot in Jerusalem which eventuates in his bodyguards being arrested.

Fall Out Boy go on tour, get secondary billing Honda and pose next to a strategically placed Honda. Way to keep it edgy and real! [source]

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