Monday, March 19, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Two years after a Singapore man was thought to have perished in a motorcycle accident, he was re-united with his family, paralysed and incapable of speech but very much alive. [source]

The Prime Minister of Norway decrees that all Norwegian Ministries are to cease serving chocolate and pastries and should serve fruits and vegetables instead stating that Ministers should be prompted into healthier eating habits endless amounts of chocolates and pastries. [source]

The Beijing First Intermediate People's Court rules that the Lunar Embassy to China is not legally allowed to sell plots of land on the moon. This ruling is against an appeal lodged by the so called Embassy after it was ruled against in 2005. [source]

Its official: Death is a new standard of excellence. Anna Nicole Smith died and was granted an unprecedented level of publicity – certainly way beyond what she would have commanded if she were living and now, apparently, all it takes to get an in flight upgrade to first class is, is death. A woman dies on a BA flight from Delhi to London and they move her body from the economy cabin to first class for storage. [source]
In a move that reeks of nauseatingly inappropriate corporate sponsorship that no one would dare speak out against because it’s cute, the United States Postal Service has decorated 200 postal boxes nationwide with a primary concentration in New York and Los Angeles to look like R2D2 from the Star Wars movies to commemorate a Star Wars stamp that comes out on March 28. [source]

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