Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

The largest cane toad ever is found in Darwin, Western Australia. It weighs in at double what the normal toxic toads weigh and has provided for a lovely photo opportunity for Darwin resident Bob Gonion to hold up the beast for photographers to capture him in his moment of triumph. A moment that will, no doubt, be relived for generations to come around the Gonion dinner table with a framed, yellowing cut out hanging proudly on the wall in the hall. [source]

Women in Switzerland can finally breathe a sigh of relief instead of sweating and (probably) vomiting in terror as they try and find a parking space from now on. Where women were apparently forced to forego parking spots due to the fact that Swiss men were always assertively grabbing them, even the ones reserved for women (!), officials have announced that they will be painting parking spots pink to deter men from parking in them. Pink is such an unmanly color, it is assumed, that men will not go near it for fear of being emasculated after driving their car over a pink rectangle. Is the problem here really being addressed? Actually, what was or is the problem here? Where the fuck am I? [source]

The aesthetic tastes of God, it appears, are slow to be revealed and that includes whether or not God’s chosen people are allowed to get high. Jewish pro-marijuana activists, in a clear effort to get onside with religious organizations in Israel, it seems, are warning people not to get high during Passover as marijuana was deemed un-kosher by recent rulings. Recent or not, though, a ruling means that that’s how divine doctrine actually stood when it comes to marijuana since the beginning of time, don’t you know – it just took until recently for everyone to decipher and understand that divine doctrine. However, if you’re a Sephartic Jew originating from North Africa, you can go ahead. Look, it may be about life directing values based on human interpretation of divine scripture but if you’re from North Africa, everything changes. Got it? [source]

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