Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For some reason, Snoop Dogg doesn’t actually look like a psychiatric patient in this photo.

Maybe it’s his calm facial expression (possibly THC induced – possibly not, it’s just an option) maybe it’s the fact that a shower cap is really just an exaggerated, bathroom centric version of a du-rag so he’s just taking things to the next level.

Who knows?

All we can be sure about when it comes to this photo, is:

a) Some tool is going to copy him and act like a grandmother clutching her purse and wearing a shower cap except they’re going to add a whole hard level of thug meanness to it. They’ll stand in the corner of some horrid hip hop club in Queens, looking at other guys with an “I’ll kill you if you even THINK about me naked” expression on their face and they'll do that with absolutely no sense of irony.

b) In actual fact, this photo is probably the product of a random set of events involving say, Snoop Dogg exiting his hairdresser’s salon mid cornrow procedure to have a cigarette and make a private call – his phone was in his LV bag and this photo was shot. He had to hold the bag up to see inside the bag and in fact, the bag itself was really his friend's.

See. That’s all it takes to completely alter Western Culture. One random series of understandable events and a photographer in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After all the Olsen Twins have managed to transform the Lower East Side more or less based on the fact that they haven’t woken up without a hangover since they were 8. [source]

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