Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebrity Madness

The American Idol hopeful, Sanjaya Malakar whose power seems anchored less in his ability to perform it appears, than it is held in his rapidly altering and spectacular hair styles – inspires such hate in one woman viewer that she vows not to eat until he is voted off. Way to justify an eating disorder and to entirely miss the point of, well, being alive. Turn off the TV dear, and go for a walk. [source]

Paternity tests are set to go ahead in the quest to find out exactly who the father of Dannilyn Smith actually is. While there isn’t much contest to the theory that it’s Larry Birkhead, what’s interesting about this report is that there were 469 versions of this one particular headline all over the world indicating that people really must be sick to death of the Iraq War. [source]

Two nobody celebs in the UK manage to scrape together a tiny bit of coverage after they jump on the Anna Nicole bandwagon by arguing in public about how one is worried the other will end up like Anna Nicole. There are too many people onboard for this to mean anything. Besides, Robbie Williams pioneered that technique when he jumped on the “I’m afraid of dying just like Anna Nicole did…” weeks ago and he’s already out of rehab. Leave it to the F-list to cotton on a month late. Tiresome. [source]

Britney leaves Promises Rehab Center – apparently much better. The madness settles down regarding who gets custody of her children as she and Kevin Federline decide to share custody. Oh, how charming it all works out…oops, not so fast. Kevin Federline cancels his birthday party due to chronic indifference from everyone. Couldn’t see that coming. [source]

Angelina Jolie gets on a plane to take her new kid, Pax back to the US. After yesterday’s scrutiny of her picking the kid up there’s really no new information here – at least nothing that wasn’t really predictable. She goes to Vietnam, adopts a kid, picks him up, they go home. Here – the last part apparently warrants an ENTIRE international media siege – which admittedly, is being propagated here. [source]

Paula Abdul goes on Letterman and continues the off-the-show venom fest that seems to be engulfing the hosts of American Idol by calling Simon Cowell “Small Ben” referring of course to the size of his genitals. [source]

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Joe John said...

You are wonderful Matt, wonderful.

I assume you saw the little girl who cried through Sanjaya's ENTIRE PERFORMANCE??? Maybe you even wrote about it here?

I haven't had a chance to look with my thesis and all, but I got your e-mail to check your blog out now. Good stuff.