Friday, March 23, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Mel Gibson’s racist core pushes through the heavily controlled mental repression yet again and explodes at a woman who suggests that in making Apocalypto, he relied on racial stereotypes. He literally yelled at her, “Lady, Fuck Off!” , people cried, some Mayans left and all only moments after he’d lived down the anti-Jew thing. Maybe he could drop by a drive in rehab center just to save time. Come to think of it, drive through rehab in LA. Now THERE’S a lucrative idea. [source]

Despite the sincere and totally exploited teenaged tears of the little braces clad girl who sat in the front row of American Idol this week and wept tears of joy at the immense smoke and mirrors show that is Sanjaya Malakar, at the other end of the cultural sphere – his demise is understandably prayed for. Underneath all the conspiracy theories, the shit eating grin and chainsaw voice, it seems like the conviction young Malakar has with his hair and stage presence indicates that he might have more of an idea of what he's doing than we think. Maybe he's not just some dumb, ambi sexual twink rock star wannabe. [source]

Britney’s out of rehab for 7 minutes and already she’s busy suing her ex-husband, Jason Alexander for talking to the press while she was on the inside. [source]

Howard K Stern is served with court papers that more or less mean he going to be required to leave Anna Nicole’s home, the place he’s been staying. The owner of the house was apparently allowing Anna Nicole to stay there for free and in addition to causing problems for Howard K Stern, the owner has said that Larry Birkhead and the baby can stay there for free. Just not Howard. This coupled with the footage of an ecstatic Larry Birkhead after giving a DNA sample compared with a morose Howard K Stern clearly shows that the game, for Stern, is probably more or less up. DNA results are set to be announced next Monday at 10:30. [source]

Anna Nicole’s Diary sells for a half a million dollars. Wait, how exactly did Universal Rarities get access to this diary? Wouldn’t it remain property of the Smith estate? Who is the mysterious German who paid a half million bucks for the adolescent scrawls of a glorified adult hooker? As in, she was an adult when she wrote them but she had the mind of an adolescent – you know? Yeah yeah yeah, it’s kind of mean to speak like that of the dead. [source]

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