Friday, March 30, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Following on from yesterday’s authenticity saturated public appearance in the Bronx J Lo is banned from one chain of stores because the owner claims she has turned her back on the Hispanic community. While it would be astounding to see the PR plan to assert J Lo as a self obsessed, elitist celebrity who couldn’t care less – a verbal image of which was posted here yesterday in graphic detail – the store owner is the one who comes off looking like a needy idiot, not J Lo. He is complaining that she won’t come and do promos in store and that he helped her become the huge celebrity she now is but it appears far more like that the absence of her validating stare is what is driving his frustrated commoner self mad. She can’t possibly be accused of turning her back on the Latino community as a whole when the entire of her new album is sung in Spanish. Sorry but J Lo actually wins this round. [source]

After ten thousand rough, camera recorded miles had been pummeled into her, Jenna Jameson apparently goes in to have the well worn canyon her vagina has no doubt become pulled back to its pre-teen level of tightness with a little vaginoplasty and apparently recovery from that kind of industrial mining isn’t so smooth sailing. Ms. Jameson has been convalescing at home, unhappy that the old cash machine isn’t up to professional working standards and has been missing meetings with a company that wants to turn her book into a film. Priorities are priorities.


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