Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Students at Bangladesh Dhaka University can breathe a sigh of relief at lunch now because they know for CERTAIN that they aren’t eating dog and for many of them, a vast majority even, that’s a good thing. The chef who ran the cafeteria at the university up until his firing this week took it upon himself to use dog meat in student food and not tell anyone. Elaborate horrifiying prank or genius cost cutting measure? YOU decide. [source]

While you’d immediately think that it was flowing relentlessly out of Ann Coulter’s mouth, she’s been unusually quiet since the “faggot” incident, so Michigan sewage treatment professionals are stumped. No one can figure out where 15 million gallons of partially treated sewage has gone. One minute it was there and the next minute it was nowhere to be seen. Sort of like Ann Coulter again, really. This is really really weird though because it was being held in a 250,000 sq foot lake and those are not easy to infiltrate without anyone knowing. Sadly, earlier this week in Gaza, plenty of people know where the sewage flowed to when a reservoir collapsed showering a village with an unpleasant combination of frothy water and fecal matter killing 5 people and nauseating the rest. Is this what happens when Ann Coulter is silenced? The shit has to go somewhere…[source] [source]

Even though Limbo was recently cut off the list of real places and things to fear when you’re a Catholic – along with “rational thought” (although admittedly, that didn’t JUST leave the Catholic Church – indeed the Catholic Church seems to be a product of the absence of rational thought in the same way that black isn’t a color – it’s just the absence of light so maybe this is just another excuse to go on about how inane Catholics are) HELL, according to the Pope, is still a very real and burny place for anyone who doesn’t riddle themselves with endless guilt and donate their potential for independent though to the Church. And, you know what, thank you Pope “Card carrying member of the Hitler Youth” Benedictine for that announcement because sometimes, when we’ve had a chance to escape the panic stricken fear we start to forget. It’s hard to keep up with divine unchanging truth when it changes so quickly ... [source]

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