Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today In Extraordinarily Odd

In a move that probably (definitely) addresses all the core issued faced by Indian police in one fell swoop, the State Government of Guajarat has cut through the red tape and commissioned police uniforms that smell pleasantly of flowers and citrus. This way, once they're done chasing down criminals and avoiding the responsibility of punishing chicken eating cows (or any cows for that matter) they won't smell unpleasantly of rank, common male perspiration, they'll smell of a summer funeral. [source]

In what has become an annual event, Texans and plenty of folks from out of town have gathered in Sweetwater, Texas to watch hundreds of snakes being piled into a pit. After a period of snake watching, the snakes are disassembled and the meat, venom and skins are sold and processed. While it's pretty eye poppingly white trash and arguably eco-destructive - it's better they distract themselves with rattlers than let it build up and have an equivalent festival with homosexuals. [source]

In what could only be descibed as a moment of sheer, unadulterated horror coupled with bridezilla-esque control freakness, a woman in India whose fiance recently fell down a well (!), insisted on marrying the corpse against the will of her family moments before they cremated him. She kept the gifts. [source]

Why is it ok that Britney's hair was selling on ebay for a million plus bucks by a couple of quick thinking paparazzi types and no one does anything but roll their eyes and yet, when a German journalist sneaks into the Pontif's backyard with three whacky artist friends for the sole purpose of filming them collecting some water from the sprinkler - suddenly it's innappropriate and he gets fined? After all Britney's hair was almost certainly going to be some kind of weird masturbation aid for a housebound hair fetishist paederast whereas Pontif Water probably would have kept the cold, soul crushing darkness of pointlessness at bay for a whole shitload of online shopaholic Catholics. Isn't the German really a spiritual hero of sorts? [source]

Maybe the whale was just trying to get back at its potential Japanese potential rescuers on behalf of all its relatives that had been eaten by the Japanese in the past, maybe it was just going through a self negating goth phase where it wanted to perform melancholy - it's hard to tell exactly what whales are thinking at the best of times. Regardless, the facts remain as they are evident in the film - a couple of Japanese people decided to try and help a whale and in response, the whale capsised their boat and one of the three drowned. Too little too late guys. [source]

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