Friday, March 23, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

With the imperious foresight of a White House political advisor, a couple of rowdy Albania teachers thought they might just go to school one day, get really drunk and have sex in the classrooms within view of a couple of students. The students tell on them, the teachers are reprimanded and fired by the Albanian Ministry of Education and now everything is on the mend. While we’re all horrified for the sake of the children, obviously, what is the bet that there are a couple of hung-over teachers sitting at home by the hearth in the little town of Xhyre – a town which, you’ll note, has only one vowel in its name, furiously repeating the phrase, “and I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids…” [source]

Like something out of an English comedy circa 1970, three nuns are caught on camera playing slot machines in Manila, Philippines which has apparently embarrassed the Roman Catholic Church. The Church, no doubt extremely well versed in how to deal with embarrassments that undermine the cripplingly tight assed self righteous position they insist on holding in global culture, have issued a statement saying that the nuns may face punishment if they are found to have sinned. So now the Catholic Church will predictably argue about it for a while and really take into consideration the cultural implications of what it means to sin from a PR perspective first and will then make a ruling on it. Just like when they arbitrarily abolished Limbo because no one cared and it was just taking up space. This whole post was just really another excuse for me to rant about how arbitrary and corrupt the Catholic Church is. What the hell were those nuns thinking? From a PR perspective! [source]
While the White House is busy demonstrating their influence on the fluctuating limits to the Bill of Rights, a man in Nashville is currently over $400K richer for having put a price on another Nationally Treasured document; The Declaration of Independence. Michael Sparks found one of the drafts of the original document in a thrift store, paid $2.48 for it and then sold it at auction for $477,650. Which means he made a pretty substantial profit from selling a symbol of the national identity. [source]
Not convinced that Houdini died the way everyone thinks he did – from a ruptured appendix – 81 years after it went into the ground a family member is ordering the body of Harry Houdini to be exhumed from its grave in Queens to check and see if the body shows evidence of foul play. [source]

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