Thursday, March 15, 2007

Emergency Celebrity Disintegration

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, after 4 years in Guantanamo Bay, confesses to being the mastermind behind 28 terror plots around the world including Sept 11, Bali and several failed assassination attempts – quite the triumphant capture and clarification. Until proven otherwise, it seems healthy to sustain the possibility of an underlying similarity at this early stage to the guy who confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsay. John Mark Karr was a strangely delusional attention seeking weirdo and not the killer at all.

While this next point may amount to nothing, KSM was quoted as saying (among other things): "I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl," which seems pretty jarringly self congratulatory.
Sure he could be a freakish egotist terror monger but to what extent was he coerced, what has happened to him since entering Guantanamo Bay that may have prompted him to say what he said, is he likely to want to exaggerate his involvement in these terrorist attacks for personal emotional reasons, how can the Bush Government benefit from publically displaying that they have captured this self described key figure in their War on Terror and what are the circumstances surrounding the timing of the release of this information?

Osama bin Laden has so far more or less been the face and human embodiment of the terrorist mindset to which the west could assign blame, based on fact but also based on the public’s need. The public needed a face of evil, a primary one anyway.

So now, suddenly KSM may well have all the necessary qualifications to replace Osama bin Laden – in much the same way that Divine Brown Scandal with Hugh Grant prevented what might have been more coverage of the death of Lana Turner (one was suddenly more marketable a story than the other) which would work brilliantly for the White House. This will most certainly bring a boost to the popularity of President Bush and the White House administration and it comes at a pretty good time for them too considering that Bush’s approval ratings have languished around the high 20, early thirties for months.

If KSM really is responsible for even some of he says he is, then Americans are bound to grow more forgiving of the White House’s stripping away of civil rights like the dismantling of Habeus Corpus and the illegal wiretapping of phones that mindless Republicans like Elizabeth Hasselbeck so readily approve of. Further to that, this is bound to persuade the public that torture can be used effectively in the interrogation of prisoners to get the information needed in order to protect them. Americans had a positive reaction toward the White House and Bush once Saddam Hussein was caught, to the extent that Democratic presidential candidates had to publicly admit that Bush had done a good job in catching him and simply had to bite their tongues.

This is bound to be far more complex and less conclusive than it appears at this point but it's clear people will feel better about giving up more fragments of democracy because of it [source]

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