Friday, March 02, 2007

Thank goodness for massive delusion among clinically mad African leaders because without it we wouldn't have a cure for HIV.

The no doubt heavily medicated (or worse yet, NOT heavily medicated) President of Gambia, Africa's smallest nation - a thin and small nation right near Morrocco, has announced that he can cure HIV and asthma. Two totally different medical conditions.

Two totally different medical conditions would require different treatments, wouldn't they? Why yes, which is why you can get rid of HIV on Friday or Saturday and you can get rid of asthma on Monday or Thursday. Way to really control the parceling out of miracles. Otherwise he might get tired. PLus, President Yahya Jammeh is limited to the number of people he can treat in a day anyway because whatever governmental organisation deals with medical treatment standards decided that there's a limit to what the President can do for his people - even if he is some kind of God.

Which they apparently believe he is.

Who knows whether the President of Gambia really has the power to cure HIV? Indeed, maybe we'll never know - unless no one gets cured - and no one so far has but that sho├║ldn't stop us from blindly following along.

One thing that is for certain - if Idi Amin taught us nothing about insane African leaders it was that there's nothing more enriching for a nation than to be led by someone who is clearly out of their god damned mind.

And if a man described as a self declared mystic who four years ago, in an official press statement, announced that the opposition had placed the carcass of a lion and gourds of palm wine at a major road junction to "spoil the country's economy" isn't out of his god damned mind then no one is.

Or, maybe he's just more clued in than anyone. This is what the media of Gambia has been inferring by default but then, as with all good paranoid leaders President Jammeh has outlawed all uncontrolled media.
It's hard to know when to stop pointing things out about this story.

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