Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today In Extraordinarily Odd

A man in Billings, Montana is pulled over for erratic driving and tells police not to blame him - they should put blame where it is obviously due; on the unicorn who was actually driving the car. He was booked for driving under the influence of alcohol and criminal endangerment. Was alcohol all that was at play here? Far more pressingly, is this merely another attempt by the government to deny the existence of unicorns? Yeah, that's right, use the old "he was drunk..." line. [source]

In a move that should inspire an international round of applause (among liberals), Bolivia has announced that it is considering putting the coca leaf (the plant from which “Bolivian marching powder" is made) on its coat of arms. Way to go coming out of the closet, Bolivia! In many ways, this announcement speaks of national identity empowerment. Bolivia seems to be taking ownership of a symbol of one of the major cultural elements is has given to the rest of the world,. It’s an element that is appreciated by a wide range of people from New York publicists to party kids to members of the military in various corrupt regimes in places like Burma, LA publicists, Christian evangelists and publicists from London. The list appears endless. [source]

While on his “please like me” tour of Mexico, US President George W Bush is offered tequila with lunch and turns it down because he doesn’t drink. Anymore. He does make up for rejecting a major component of Mexican culture in turning down the tequila by[source]

Benny Hill keeps popping up all over the world it seems, even though he’s actually been dead for some time. Perhaps he’s still dead and just reincarnating himself in other people. That is one (pretty widely accepted, obviously) attempt at explaining the reason behind 54 year old construction worker, Shigeo Kodama’s evidently obsessive collecting of women’s lingerie in Japan. The other being the he's a fetish obssessed kleptomaniac. Either way, he got his hands on close to 4500 different articles of clothing over the years by climbing into people’s windows and stealing them. Who knows what will happen to the collection now that he’s more than likely going to jail. Japanese yard sale? [source]

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