Friday, March 02, 2007

Celebrity Madness

While the very focused Virgie Arthur is in court petitioning for Anna Nicole's funeral to be halted, the funeral itself continues. The court denies her request and Anna Nicole is finally put to rest. Right on cue however, as is apparently the nature of this ludicrous story, the father of Daniel - Anna Nicole's son - comes out of the woodwork and starts his petition to have the boy's body exhumed. So, it's a little bit of the old out with the old and in with the new. Money is on the fact that Entertainment Tonight found this guy and urged him to come forward. They're smelling the decomposing corpse of this story and it's making them panic. What else have they got? A fat mother and the fact that Britney's issues seem to link back to post partum depression, like any other recent mother. Except, Katie Holmes of course.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump chimes in, thankfully, and says he thinks Howard K Stern is a loser.

Brangelina set their sites on a little Vietnamese baby which should go nicely in the glass cabinet within which they keep all their other ethic children. By 2011 they should have a full set including a rare, limited edition Thalidomide baby. Oh, I kid. They're shining humanitarians.

Daniel Radcliffe is naked on stage in London. See:

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