Monday, March 19, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Naomi Campbell starts her couple of days community service behind closed doors at Manhattan District 3 Garage at Pier 36 on the East River. This community service is her punishment for physically assaulting her maid with a blackberry phone. She made sure that her lawyer won her a spot out of the eyes of the paparazzi who relentlessly crucified Boy George when he picked up garbage in Soho last year. [source]

Carol Burnett is suing Family Guy for parodying her show. It is, of course, common knowledge that Carol Burnett has never parodied anyone and is also not a pop culture icon so parodying her seems fairly unreasonable? Wouldn't it be flattering to be parodied? Especially if you haven't actually done, well anything, in years for the audience that made you rich and famous? [source]

Perhaps the recent memo published in the New York Post regarding the standards of acceptability within television shows like Dawson's Creek explains the endless back and forth dance involving Lindsay Lohan and rehab. America is irrationally intolerant of young people drinking – at least – the ones they actually see. If they can’t be seen it doesn’t matter, hence the recent indifference to the plight of Britney Spears but maybe Lindsay Lohan isn’t that screwed up. Maybe she’s just doing what everyone else does except she’s doing it in front of an audience of people who insist on penance for drinking alcohol. Or anything else vaguely human come to think of it. [source]

Demonstrating the same celebrity softened public immigration policy that as the heavily denied but so obvious Anna Nicole Smith Bahamian expedited immigration application, the Vietnamese adoption agency that connected Angelina Jolie and her new son argues that Angelina Jolie got no special treatment in adopting her son Pax. All credit to Angelina Jolie but, excuse me, like Hell she got no expedited service. [source]

Rose McGowan gropes Rosario Dawson and feigns lesbianism as the two promote their new film Grindhouse. And you know what? Lets face it: there's nothing like a cadence of forced lesbianism in front of the cameras to help give the promotion of a film that little extra boost at an opening. You've got the straight men covered, the lesbians will feel represented, and the gay men will just think it's fabulous and edgy provided the women involved are dressed properly. Marketing wise there's really no one who loses when straight women grope. Well, except soccer moms in the flyover states. They don't like too much of anything except being offended. When it comes to that, they can't get enough. [source]

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