Wednesday, February 14, 2007

While it’s inane and wasteful to spend outrageous sums of cash on tiny things like a piece of fungus or a miniscule teacup while entire populations are starving , the outrageousness of throwing away wads of cash for what essentially boils down to an hilarious anecdote for future use becomes less nauseating when you know the money is immediately going to charity.

It’s for this reason that Italian lawyer Maurizio Morelli gets to escape being the target of unbridled disapproving rage even though he spent 2150 English pounds on a pizza for his wife on Valentine’s Day. Even though it’s mildly irrational to price what just amounts to a bit of baked dough covered in edible gold and some alcoholic crustacean and fish eggs, deer meat, and smoked salmon at such a high price – all the money went to the Fred Hollows Foundation. So…that’s alright then.

Yes, it’s alright THIS time. But, idiot rich people – don’t even THINK we’re not watching you…we can’t stop actually.

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