Thursday, February 15, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Milli Vanilli are about to be portrayed in a dramatic film about their rise and subsequent ego crippling tumble due to the fact that they lied about actually singing on their album. Could this finally be some sort of career opportunity for Pete Andre.

Michael Jackson may be a huge star but he can't get tickets to a basketball game. Apparently, racially metamorphosing delusional egomaniacs aren't welcome courtside. He will apparently be appearing on American Idol where racially metamorphising delusional egomaniacs are most certainly welcome.

It is revealed that Anna Nicole Smith was apparently losing her mind more than it ever seemed clear on ET (what a surprise). First, she had instructed the nanny to underfeed her daughter so it would turn out “sexy”. Secondly, she had already picked out a funeral dress for her corpse, meaning she was more than likely suicidal. And finally, it seems more and more lilely she was trying to obtain legal immigration status by screwing the Bahamian officials . Howard K Stern is being revealed to be more and more horrifying. As a human. He is, nonetheless, executor of her will.

Would someone please just walk up to Paula Abdul on American Idol and check what’s in her god damned cup? Why is it so hard to confirm something so simple? It’s a question of WHAT she’s on not WHETHER she’s on something.

In what amounts to the contemporary American equivalent of being granted sainthood, Stephen Colbert is granted an ice cream flavour by Ben and Jerry's.

Michael Lucas is sued by the company who own the rights to Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" and then claims that his porno version, "La Dolce Vita" - despite having clearly re-made scenes from the original not to mention having used the name - has no conceptual link to the original.

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