Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Instead of some form of completely rare and frightening mental illness that results in animals leaping from her skull as she attacks people with umbrellas as any thinking person might have concluded, Britney probably has post partum depression. It's the nice answer for everyone but the media and people who resent her because she's rich.

Heather Mills, who, let us all remind ourselves, is only famous for divorcing Paul McCartney, is gearing up for "Dancing with the Stars" and was recently photographed walking away from a rehearsal carrying - among other things - a bag of fake legs. This isn't a story so much as it is a fixation on an image. Heather Mills has a lot of money and a fake leg. Just so you know.

ANOTHER person comes forward and adds a little plot twist to the Anna Nicole fire. Unbeknowned to all of us, she'd apparently had Lupus all this time as well. It's interesting because not only will the entertainment media now be using the word Lupus like it's second nature but it also brings to light the fact that Anna Nicole never really looked healthy. She always looked dehydrated and stretched and constantly in a state of healing from surgery. She emulated healthiness because she just painted it on.

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