Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good old Bangkok. Always really hitting the mark of where the problems are and really focusing on meaningful issues. This Valentine’s Day, ie. NOW – the Bangkok police are busy patrolling the streets for people under the age of 18 who are kissing. Because, kissing teenagers, as is the case in the US, are of national importance.

And additionally, what a fulfilling, soul enhancing job those kiss destroying police get too. They get to walk around the streets – cause that’s where the filthy kids would be lurking – in filthy, dark, wet alley ways where their hateful behaviour blends into the surroundings and can be displayed next to tranny hookers overdosing and passed out homeless men eating rats – looking for kissing kids. When they find them, they immediately inform parents.

But, if you’re a lovesick Thai teenager, don’t act all surprised if you get caught. You should have read the Culture Ministry’s new publically funded and not at all unnecessary document “Ten Commandments of Love” to know what’s ok. In case you had any inclination to make emotionally decisions for yourself that is.

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