Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Those zany, meaning deprived Catholics are most certainly at it again. This time, meaning and inspiration has been found in Texas on the bottom of a pizza tray. Yes, the Virgin Mary has appeared again.

Quick summation: The Virgin Mary - or the ghost of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ - has decided to make an appearance in the physical world and she has done so by appearing in the form of carbon residue on a pizza tin.

If you look at the imagery on that relic pizza tray, you'll see that it isn't in fact, the Virgin Mary, its the Virgin Mary that Medieval and Renaissance artists portray.
For all we know, the ghost of the Virgin Mary may actually look more like whatever it was in the corner of that shack at the end of the Blair Witch Project. If she's dead and lurking, perhaps that is a more likely option. These visions are heavily reliant on human artist depictions rather than actual physical form. So, it all anchors back to human interpretation and that puts it in cultural perspective if you aren't a Catholic.
If you ARE Catholic, it's an entirely different story.
If you're Catholic, it's important to really hammer home to everyone that outside of the child molestations, the Pope's insistence that the last 100 years of science hasn't happened (although, the Pope did say, when presented with an iPod, that he thinks "computer technology is in the future" so let's all hang out and see if his informed prediction comes true) and the beleif that sex is evil, being a Catholic is fulfilling.
It's so fulfilling and purpose delivering, in fact, that your average Texan harbinger of guilt is regularly so tortured by the lack of point and total presence of mind numbinly irrelevant social hang ups that they hallucinate about where divine intervention is occuring.

Wow, sign me up. I'm SO becoming a Catholic.

I'm kidding. Catholics! Stop it! Now!

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