Friday, February 02, 2007

The Vatican has come out with an outraged statement that, when you get down to it, sounds just like the school yard whine, "Awww...but why do I always get picked on when HE doesn't" in reaction to the selling of a Jesus themed wig that includes a crown of thorns.

"It's come to the point where the Catholic faith has no defense and it is something to be laughed at. The Christian doctrine is exploited, but everyone is very careful to be respectful of Islam."

It seems fairly clear that the reason people laugh at the Catholic Church is partly because it elects an ex-Hitler youth member as its figurehead, partly because that figurehead wears sparkling red Prada shoes with no irony and then condemns gay people for existing, partly because it's day of being the big bad asshole on campus was maybe as far back as during the Inquisition when it really threw its weight around with harsh consequences to disobedience and partly because Islamic terrorists have actually managed to cause a massive and very real disruption in the way people live their lives by threatening random bodily hard to every single person in the world while the Catholic Church's threats and taunts come in the form of arbitrary cultural rulings like "The capybara is actually a fish" and "no, you may not protect yourself from sexually transmitted infection".

If, as a religion based on brainwashing, oppression and the exploitation of the average person's emotional weakness, you'd like to not be taunted and made fun of then perhaps hire a stylist and get a bit more focused on international domination. You used to be so good at it, Catholic Church.

Until then, suck it up.

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Anonymous said...

That was perhaps the most genius run-on sentence in blogging's relatively short 4 year existence. I for one can't imagine the Church wearing anything but the fanciest of shoes. It's taunting it's power and telling the mindless that if you believe it can all be theirs too. They are showmen!