Monday, February 19, 2007

While it was only for a brief, enchanting, tragic moment, a little duckling hatched and was perfectly alive with four legs. This of course means that it immediately joined the ranks of the two faced calf and the komodo dragon that got pregnant with no help from a male; namely, animals we gawk at in a sort of horrified way, we gross ourselves out and then tell the people next to us that the animals deserve equal love and attention while thanking CHRIST the animals aren't anywhere near us and are not our responsibility.

While the komodo dragon laid eggs that were more or less fine and the calf, affectionately known as "Star" lived for about two months and then tragically died a face related death, this little four legged duckling, named "Stumpy" never got to see any profit at all from its freakish abnormality as it died 24 hours after hatching.

It is a sad day for four legged duckling lovers.

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