Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In a lovely, heartwarming update on the plight of two animals that have defied all expectation by merely existing, it appears that the two faced cow (insert acidic joke about Celine Dion) born recently, is being nurtured lovingly by its owner - actually Forbes Magazine reports that so clearly it's of staggering importance. But, you know, good on that farmer for seeing the inner beauty.

Also, a komodo dragon that fell pregnant days before Christmas despite never having come in contact with a male komodo - which, obviously set off a maddening din of Christianity jokes about how it was the immaculate conception etc. etc - has laid the immaculate eggs and they've hatched the the young are doing well despite being bastards. So, despite the fact that the young will probably grow up and be slightly more effeminate than the other komodo dragons because of a lack of emotionally distant/abusive father figure, they can take comfort in the fact that their mother is the reptile equivalent of Mary, Mother of God.

And so on...

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