Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Anyone looking for a guaranteed way to lose a whole lot of money by investing in a harebrain scheme but hasn't been satisfied with the harebrain schemes that have been on offer of late will be thrilled to know that a manufacturer of whiskey in Pakistan (!) is about to release a 20 year old single malt. Why they're doing that is more or less unimaginable because there are so many rules about alcohol consumption in Pakistan that it will be impossible to actually sell it.

First up, the country is almost entirely Muslim and Muslims don't drink and haven't been allowed to, by law, for 30 years. So, that rules most of the country out.

Secondly, they're not allowed to even ship the product OUT of the country so there goes any chance of selling it to foreigners. Unless they buy it while there and physically carry it out in their suitcases.

Just to show how totally meaningless the cultural ban is, it's documented that the Prime Minister would drink until he instigated the ban to gain more political support from the Islamic nations and the man who owns the company producing the whiskey is a member of parlaiment. Why on earth would a member of parliament manufacture a product that is illegal for the vast majority of his nation to consume? Hmmm, maybe the business venture involves a few loop holes no one knows about just yet.

Standby for a religious ruling that states that, oh...what?... 20 year old single malt whiskey is a soul cleanser when consumed heavily on Fridays only....yes, that'll do.

With that kind of ban and across the board conservative control of a country with something as common as alcohol, the underground bootleg liquor industry and speakeasy scene must be even more incredible and baccanalian than the underground Republican S and M scene in the US and to get to that point takes some real focus.

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