Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bless the South Americans because no one else manages to make the news quite as often with stories about kind of icky genetic abnormalities involving inter species breeding. Or at least hysterical stories that CLAIM two different species have mated.

First there was the catdog hybrid that turned out to be fake but we still all had a good gawk and marvelled at the horror and now there's the chickenduck hybrid. The chicken itself is just a chicken but it has webbed feet and the story was published on several websites today all using the same picture. The very one featured here.

The interesting thing is that the headline states, "Chicken Born With Duck's Webbed Feet" except the footage shows a chicken with feet that are immediately explained away as genetic mutations. Your average garden variety mutation. So, it's not actually a duck gene, it's just the same as someone born without a finger or something.

Furthermore, does anyone else notice the most obvious point and that is that the chicken was clearly not born recently at all. It's fully grown. Meaning that not only is this absolutely not news at all but it's more than likely that the people of Buga, Columbia must just want attention. They were saving this story up for a rainy day and here it is. It's raining.

Still, if nothing else, the chicken does have weird feet and are freakish and therefore we can still marvel at it and feel better about not sticking out of the pack as much as it does. Thank goodness.

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