Friday, January 26, 2007

The self described "very naughty and eager to try new things" Wang Lianhai, 36, from Qiqihaer city in China has managed to pull a car for 200 meters while riding a motorcycle. The great thing is, he didn't actually do it for any charity, he just did it because it's been something he's been working on methodically since childhood.

It's nice to see someone really focusing on inanity in its purest form, and for no commercial gain. Without any kind of charity to benefit from his efforts, there really seems to be no other explanation for his behaviour but pure absurdity and possibly an ear torture fetish.

Good on him for also demonstrating the physical prowess of the cartilage in the ear. How many people actually knew that ears could do that? It's safe to assume that not many people knew that. But, now they do and we thank the Chinese for that.

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