Monday, January 22, 2007

Kemp & Associates Antiques, Ltd, a ritzy store on Madison Avenue has been plagued by the unpleasantness of conspicuous poverty for a year now, as a mentally challenged homeless man has been sitting outside and he scares away customers. But, bless them, Karl Kemp isn't taking this assault on his grasp for opulent status lying down. He's fighting back by suing the homeless man for 1 million dollars.

Apart from the obvious futility of suing a man who clearly can't even pay for new pants let alone afford a laywer, the Daily News reports that the story doesn't end there. Apparently, the homeless man was actually married and his wife thought he was dead until she saw his face on TV with media coverage of the story.

Being capable of irritating a pompous antique dealer to the point where he sues you for merely existing is not something just anyone could achieve but it's not rocket science. Being able to do that after managing to more or less convince your ex-wife you're dead is the work of a sociopathic mastermind.

Or a meanie.

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