Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Rosie O Donnell presents part 3 of her "I'm culturally relevant even if I don't have anything meaningful to say" campaign, by weighing in on the an animal". All this attention is more than likely just making it more likely that Rosie will leave the view and get her own show.

In shocking news, Oprah is the richest woman in entertainment. She beats out J K Rowling by half a billion.

For the first time since it was proven he doesn't exist, the people who played J T Leroy step out in public, this time as themselves.

Despite being dead now for close to 2 weeks, James Brown's body remains above ground due, of course, to will disputes.

Lindsay Lohan, having exhausted the exhaustion angle, finally checks into rehab. And acknowledges it.

Following Isaiah Washington's homophobic outburst on the set of Grey's Anatomy, gay groups clamor for his demise.

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