Friday, January 19, 2007

Twelve thousand people voted through MSN movies and they decided that Spice World is not just the worst film of the last 10 or whatever years, it's the worst film of all time.

Let us step back and have a good look at who might be responsible for this.

Firstly, it's interesting that Spice World would even be a film people would think about at all let alone as something they would think to specifically say they hate. It was harmlessly inocuous at best and actually had some interesting people in it; Richard E Grant and Barry Humphries etc.

It's also interesting that of all the Spice Girls who might be bringing focus to the film by way of attention being focused on what they are doing now, the only one who is currently inspiring media attention is the one who, by her own admission, never really contributed anything to the Spice Girls in the first place.

Except, obviously, to cause her face to implode at the sight of a camera. My my, the extent of her failure has evolved.

Yes. Indeed, it is likely that despite doing nothing in the last ten years besides marry well, Victoria Beckham is the reason people are even thinking about the Spice Girls and furthermore that they equate their body of work with cultural failure en masse.

What a staggering legacy.

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