Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just like the Jungle Book and the unmistakably hotter Emerald Forest, nineteen years ago, Rochom P'ngieng went missing in the Cambodian jungle and she turned up this week covered in dirt with hair down to her knees. Her father, of course, immediately recognised her.

While no DNA test has been done so far, if she matches the man claiming to be her father it will be a pretty genius story.

Just to get things really cinematic though, the journalist who wrote this piece included the quote:

"If she is not sleeping, she just sits and glances left and right, left and right," Sal Lou said. He said his family was closely watching the woman, who he said took off her clothes Thursday and acted as if she was going back into the jungle.

It's just like the movies always suggested but it's real life. Apparently, it's less likely she'll eventually function in modern society than you'd expect.

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