Friday, January 19, 2007

Following what was more than likely a soul crushingly long ordeal with immigration bureaucrasy in Spain, Darling Velez was about to be granted citizenship in Spain when the immigration worker assigned to stamp her application decided the name Darling is considered inappropriate. Officially. And then declined her citizenship application.

Apparently the officer followed rules that state no one can be named anything that doesn't clearly indicate gender or that might provoke ridicule. It's interesting that as a result of their rule to prevent ridicule, Darling Velez has probably felt nothing but soul crushing sadness and, as a result of international media attention, ridicule.

It's also a bizarre stipulation to make regarding names and gender especially for a country that legalised same sex marriage. Meanwhile, they have been a Catholic nation longer than they've allowed gay marriage so maybe that explains it.

Poor Darling.

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