Monday, January 29, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Anne Heche, true to form, moves from her husband on to the next person. Sound familiar?

In a shocking display of what appears to have been independant thought, Posh Spice vehemently rejects the rumour that she might be becoming a Scientologist. She's friends with their Christ figure so it was rumoured that she would have to get on board to remain friends. Apparently not though. Kudos to her.

Julie Andrews still has it. Was there honestly any doubt?

Lucky for Isaiah Washington, the SAG Awards are on at exactly the same time he goes into rehab so, just as Grey's Anatomy is nominated he can be conspicuously absent. Because how will rehab possibly pay off for him if no one even notices he's gone into it?

T R Knight is apparently so disgusted at how badly the entire "faggot" episode has played out he's quitting Grey's Anatomy.

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Greg said...

"Shocking display of what appears to have been independant thought."

Wow, that really is shocking! But in a scary kind of way. Not a posh.