Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sad news for anyone planning on moving to Herouxville, Canada who thought they might finally be able to stone women in public, burn them alive or throw acid on them in peace while living there. A new set of rules just published on the town website expressly forbids these specific activities. Only.

Outrageous! What else will immigrants DO with their time? Or with disobedient women for that matter.

But, the thing is, while there weren't actually any repeated or, for that matter, singular instances of stoning, burning or aciding (let's assume that's now a verb), the town council thought it appropriate to set some standards for anyone planning on moving there.

Where is this specific paranoia coming from?

And, technically, it suggests that all these activities are unacceptable in public but what about in private? Who was thinking about this before it because of public interest?

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