Friday, November 17, 2006

Realistically, if a cat is going to give birth to a couple of kittens and a couple of puppies in the same litter after mating with the neighbour's dog then it's going to happen in high energy love-happy Brazil.
Some reports say that the three kittens died and the dogs stayed alive. The New York Post says the dog's name was Dog. (Who names their dog "Dog"? That's lamer than Hammy the Hamster.)
One thing that is more or less certain; those cat/dog hybrids are going to have a tough time in the playground at school. It will be an identity crisis that surpasses the one commonly experienced in relation to human multiculturalism. Perhaps they should just give up the quest to assimilate now, before they fail, and follow the inevitable path and form an unholy army of the night.

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