Tuesday, November 28, 2006

27 year old Charles Sibindana from South Africa had everything under control the day he wanted to call in sick and skip work. He had the note from the doctor, sent it in, took time off. All under control.

Except the one minor flaw he didn't notice which was that the letter said he needed time off work because he was pregnant and the note was from a gynaecologist. His boss noticed and commissioned an inquiry. He had stolen the note.

Curses, foiled etc.

What makes this really noteworthy is that the guy didn't know that gynaecologists are only visited by women which is surprising seeing as he stole the note from his pregnant wife's gynaecologist who must have gone to see one once he graciously impregnated her with his inevitably primate level offspring.

While a local court fined him for forgery and told him he must "not to walk around faking sick letters from gynaecologists", it seems that a far more pressing issue would be what exactly does this man do for work and are we as a society safe when he is allowed to do it unsupervised?

It's fakers like Sibindana that make it impossible for real pregnant men to get respect.

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