Thursday, November 02, 2006

Celebrity Madness

Ryan Phillipe apparently cheats on Reece Witherspoon while filming in Australia with local ambitious Kidman wannabe. Witherspoon and Phillippe have no prenup and she's worth a shitload more than he is. Local ambitious Kidman wannabe denies everything.

Anna Nicole Smith, after reacting to her son's death by immediately marrying her lawyer, again, reacts as anyone else would to basic stimulus. While vacationing in the tropical Bahamas - she gets pneuomonia and is hospitalised. It could happen to anyone. As she convalesced though, toxicology reports on her son were released that showed a whole lot more than lexapro and methadone were floating around in his bloodstream when he died.

How famous do you have to be to end up on the front cover of Vanity Fair without realising it was going to happen? This famous.

As if being a closet homo republican, alcoholic, survivor of child abuse, pederast wasn't enough, Congressman Mark Foley artistic merit is now in question as well. Foley apparently made an appearance in an action film that went straight to DVD. He played a politician. Look, maybe all Mark Foley wants is to be loved. By the children and everyone else.

Former star of Doogie Howser MD and current star of CBS's How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris is inadvertently reported to be out and proud (fifth item) and, alarmingly, his publicist denies he's "of that persuasion"

Kevin Federline gets booed. Gee, news.

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