Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In what appears to have been a gross waste of time and money, a shrill lunatic Russian named Natalya Kashuba, 27 has successfully sued Coca Cola after she drank 5000 liters of Coke and became ill.

She was awarded about a US$ 100 by two Russian courts.

If you look at each of the parts of this story, it's not so much about Coke, the fact that it's addictive, the fact that people should be aware that it's their choice what they do, the fact that she was only awarded a hundred bucks or the fact that it might set a precedent for other people to sue Coke for the same reason.

No, it's not those things really.

This story is seems more like evidence of what happens as a result of extreme boredom and laziness and in that respect it's pretty of interesting. This woman in Russia is just bored, pointless, lazy twit who didn't think 5000 liters of maddeningly sweet chemicals could react to her body so, rather than simply stop drinking it, she went to court and was paid out a hundred bucks.

Now she's seeking around $US70,000 in moral damages. As you do.

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